Advent 2: No Rush

Here’s a photo of the “official” Nativity scene in our sanctuary. You’ll notice that it’s incomplete, and we’re in no rush to finish it. We have until December 25!

So often we are in a hurry to get things done. So hurried, in fact, that other important things are sacrificed: quality, communication, wisdom, people.

This morning in the early worship service, I was given an unexpected gift as we celebrated the Lord’s Supper (communion). Elders were waiting to serve the musicians, who were playing a marvelous duet. If the elders had been in a hurry, they might have tapped their feet, rolled their eyes, or placed a hunk of bread on the piano for the musicians to eat later. But they waited, and we all had a moment of beauty and grace as we listened to the music.

So I’m in no rush to get to the manger. There’s a lot I want to see and hear and pray about along the way.

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