Advent 1: Calendar and Hospitality

It has been an interesting Saturday night at our house:  ear infection, screaming about taking medicine, the whole enchilada.

Normally Saturday nights are quiet at our house, since we’re getting ready for Sunday, so I thought I’d have more time to post.

Anyway, I have just three things to offer this evening, two from Busted Halo, a Catholic young adult ministry:

1.  The Busted Halo Advent calendar, full of thought-provoking and cheeky quotes and ideas.

2.  The Busted Halo Advent video, which focuses on the idea of spending Advent preparing to welcome Christ as a guest into the home of your heart.

3.  Video on YouTube (in two parts) of the story of The Man Who Planted Trees.  Honestly, I had heard someone interpret Advent as a time to get ready for a guest, but the idea didn’t make sense to me.  But watch the two videos about the old shepherd, and consider how he hosts the young man in his home.  I pray I could be Jesus’ hostess as well as the old shepherd played host:  with simplicity, openness, and the freedom to let the guest live out his calling.

May Christ be at the center of your preparations, whatever shape they take.

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