Advent Devotional: Introduction

A while back, I went searching for devotionals for young adults that I would be happy to recommend to members of my church and campus ministry group.  I’m still looking, but so far have come up empty. 

At the same time, the members of the campus ministry group I direct were talking about ways they live out their spiritual life.  Spiritual practices, you might say.

So I decided that for the Christian season of Advent, a period of about one month, I would post one idea for spiritual practice per day on this blog.  You could call this little adventure a “devotional,” I suppose.  Some of the ideas are things you can do immediately, and others may require some planning.  Regardless, I hope something written here will speak to you.

If you do choose to take on some spiritual practices during Advent, you might want to keep a journal, or get some candles that you can light every day as you spend time with God.

For more information on the books I’ve used, please visit my “Resources” page (which I will add soon) and also look at my blogroll for more blogs on spiritual life.  (There are a ton of blogs out there on faith, spirituality, Bible study, and et cetera!  Happy reading!)

I have a few disclaimers as well:  few, if any, of these are original ideas.  This is simply a collection of ideas I’ve picked up along the way.  Many of these ideas appear in more than one source.  I have given credit wherever possible, usually from wherever I happened to find the idea.  If you have corrections or further details please email me.  Also, I have tried to avoid any “church words” that you may not know:  let me know if you have questions about something written here.  Finally, please note that I’m not an expert on spiritual disciplines or spirituality.  I just wanted to pass along some ideas that have been meaningful to me.

I sincerely hope you’ll find something here that leads you toward some of our great present-day teachers on Christian spirituality, and toward a deeper spiritual life. 

In faith,


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