Last month I meant to post some of the ideas the college students shared about keeping Sabbath time.  I think these are all great ideas for carving out a Sabbath in the midst of everything else. I guess the big challenge for students, and everyone really, is to make an even greater commitment to Sabbath and spiritual development.
Here goes:
  • Attend a meditative worship service (such as the Compline service sponsored by another local campus ministry)
  • Create a Sunday ritual, such as worship at the 11 am service and going out for a leisurely lunch afterward
  • Nature walks, or just quiet walks around campus during a less-busy time (but not at night!)
  • Healthy recreation, fun and games
  • Talking to God at night when you lie down in bed, until you drop off to sleep.  Pretty neat that your last thought before sleep is a prayer rather than a worry.
  • Reading good books and passing them around within your group of friends
  • A small group Bible study NOT led by an “expert”
  • Praying while you do menial everyday tasks
  • Listening to prayer podcasts (one student’s favorite is here (it’s called “Pray As You Go”)
I’ll post more as we continue to talk about this.

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  1. […] Only one student knew anyone who actually observed a full Sabbath, a day without work.  Click here for my blog post about what they shared — all good starting points for the task of observing […]


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