New Mexico update and videos

I wish that I had been able to write more during the week!

However, for those of you keeping up with us, here is a summary of what we have done so far, and some videos are at the bottom of this post.

  • Los Amigos del Parque, a program to serve breakfast to potential day laborers waiting to see if they can get work for the day
  • Emergency Overflow Shelter, a homeless shelter that provides supper and/or a bed, with no requirement to sign up for any programs.  There are programs in Santa Fe to help chronically homeless people achieve a sustainable, stable lifestyle.  However, this shelter serves people who are temporarily down on their luck, or who have a mental illness and don’t have anyone to care for them (they probably need a transition program too, but where would anyone get the money for such a program in a recession?  They have truly fallen through the cracks.)
  • Santa Fe Watershed Association, a program that helps keep the river clean and is trying to re-invigorate some waterways that have been damaged by damming upstream.  (Short version of this problem:  areas downstream of the dam became bare dried-out gullies, and when it does rain there is no vegetation to hold down the property of people who live there.)
  • Santa Fe Community Farm, which exists to supply local low-income people and local agencies with fresh food
  • Food for Santa Fe, a food bank that supplies agencies, but also gives away food once a week to individuals with no questions asked

Video Notes:

1. My voice is really loud on the outdoor videos!  Too much trying to shout over the wind.

2. Since this is a free blog and I’m feeling cheap, I can’t embed videos here.  But go to our YouTube page to check out our videos:

Composting a garden at the Santa Fe Community Farm:

Interviews of some team members:

Bagging food at Food for Santa Fe:

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