Finally entering the blogosphere

For a long time now my friends & colleagues in ministry who are much cooler than I have had a blog.  All this time, I have made notes, thought about what to post, and worried over it, but never actually started anything, all for the lack of a name.  I couldn’t think of something that reflected who I am or what interests me. 

Finally, yesterday a local news reporter interviewed me on a series of church break-ins (which included our church.)  The reporter asked me if there was any way to keep certain people out of the church, or if we had to just let everyone in. 

I kept thinking about Jesus’ example in Matthew 24 about allowing God to separate weeds from the desirable plants.  Not that I think the people who broke into the church are weeds!  (They acted weed-y, if that’s even a word, but still they are children of God.)

Then it came to me!  My husband used to do some lawn care for a living and he used “weed and feed” products pretty often.  And isn’t that what we are called to do as we follow Christ — letting the Holy Spirit weed and feed us. 

So here’s my blog, with thoughts about things we can get rid of and thoughts about ways to feed the soul’s hunger.

And by the way, weed and feed products do contain a lot of chemicals.  Always weed and feed with extreme care.

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  1. Posted by Cherrie on October 20, 2009 at 1:33 pm

    Well written and so true! I love the weed and feed metaphor too! This is a great start Kerri. I love hearing what you are thinking. Wish we lived close enough to share more quesedillas!


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